Green Teas

Chung Ming

Our Chung Ming Green tea is a popular blend for those who are conscious of their health and low caffeine.




Our Honeybush is the right type of malty and sweet, perfect with milk and honey. It had no caffeine and perfect for annytime of the day!


Black Teas


Our Assam Black Teas are fully flavoured and perfect for a warm cuppa in the rain or a wakeup, with high caffeine.



Local and Organic Ingredients

Our Herbal teas have zero caffeine but are full of colour and taste. If you have a sensitive stomach or need a pick me up, this is it.


Some are active, some are discontinued, some are stand-alones, seasonal or from our Tea Crates

Throne of Glass

Shapeshifter Peach Rose GreenTea

Wingleader Red Witch Vanilla Tea

Havilliard Cool Mint Green Tea

Fireheart S’mores Chai

Whitethorn Ginger Mint Scones Black Tea


 A Court of ​Thorns and Roses

Court of Autumn Spiced Fall Rooibos

Court of Spring Chamomile Hibiscus Herbal

My High Lady Coconut Macroon Black Tea

Court of Night Citrus Stars Earl Grey

Chp 55 Jasmine Orange Jasmine Tea


Harry Potter *(currently not selling)*

Books n Cleverness Hibiscus Mint Black Tea  *Now Map Monday*

The Boy who Lived Chocolate Frog Black Tea

Mauraders Tiramisu Black Tea *Now Kingdom of the Wicked*

Whimsical n Wrackspurt Lavender Toffee Green Tea

Thunderbird Thrillseeker Carrot Cake Rooibos

House Blend: Bold Gryffintea Butterbrew Rooibos

House Blend: Enchanting Raventea Lady Grey Earl Grey Tea

House Blend: Sweet Huffletea Dittany Green Tea

House Blend: Deviant Slythertea Vanilla Mint Black Tea

Hagrids Hut Pumpkin Patch Black Tea *Now Autumn Reads*

Forbidden Forest WoodlandWhite Tea *Now Stalking Jack the Ripper*

Godric Hollow Cinnamon & Mulled Wine Black Tea

Weasley Sweaters Peppermint Earl Grey

Three Broom Sticks Festive Butterbeer Black Tea


Lord of the Rings

Second Breakfast Almond Cake Rooibos

Elevensies Frosted Crumpet Tea

Greendragon Inn Apple Cider Tea



No Mourners No Funerals (Top Seller) Vanilla Waffles Black Tea

Winter in Ravka Ice Palace Waffles Black Tea

Sun Summoner Lemon Lavender Green Tea

Shadow Summoner Caramel Brule Coffee Black Tea

Mauraders Brew Tiramisu Black Tea

Ketterdam Jurda Gunpowder Black Tea (Vanilla Espresso)


Various Fandoms

Soleil et Lune Pans Patisserie Sticky Buns Black Tea (Serpent & Dove Top Seller Shimmer Tea)

Night Circus Dark Candy Apple Black Tea (Night Circus)

Morozko Ice Demon Mint Mocha Black Tea (Winternight Trilogy)

As Travers Four Londons Fog Earl Grey Tea (A Darker Shade of Magic)

El Lobo Piquante Mate Spicy Yerba Matte (Warning: With Real Chilli)

Downworlder Lavender Berry Rooibos (Shadowhunters)

Through the Wardrobe / Spare Oom Vanilla Tulsi (Narnia)

Finale Cinnamon Dulce Latte Black Tea (Caraval)

Fire & Blood Dragon Cardamom Black Tea (game of thrones)

<ERROR> Blood Orange Caramel Rooibos (Illuminae Files)

Red White and Royal Blue Berry Punch Herbal (Red, White & Royal Blue)

City of Brass Chocolate Black Tea (City of Brass Shimmer Tea)

Persephone and Hades Tea Underworld Pomegranate (Lore Olympus)

Spirits of Ghibli Strawberry Milk Tea (Ghibli Studio)

Wrath & Tea Tiramisu Black Tea (Kingdom of the Wicked)

Bridgerton (Earl Grey Green Tea)


Witcher Full Moon Herbal Chamomile Elixir (Top Seller)


#OTP Chocolate Raspberry Black Tea (Valentines)

#IHAVEMYBOOKS Peach Schnaps Green Tea (Valentines)

Dark Academia Crème Brule Latte Black Tea

Hyrule Kingdom Strawberry Fields Green Tea (Zelda)

Howls Magic Penndragon Lemon Medley (Howls Moving Castle)

Bantha Blue Milk Tea Almond Coconut Herbal (Star Wars)

NaNoWriMo Writers Block B-Gone Earl Grey Rooibos (Caffeine Free)

Cinders & Flame Cinnamon Roll Black Tea (Rococo & Cinderella)

Seafoam & Storms Tropical Hibiscus Herbal (Renaissance & Little Mermaid)

Enchanted & Cursed Rose Meringue Earl Grey (Baroque & Beauty and the Beast)

Dowager Countess Edwardian Custard Earl Grey (Downton Abbey)

The Great Libraries Great Grimoires Vanilla Berry Black Tea (Sorcery of Thorns)

Nevermore Dark Bones Black Tea (Edgar Allan Poe / Autumn)

Poison Apple Berry Pie Rooibos Tea (Snow White / Autumn)

Hocus Pocus Cookies n Cream Earl Grey (Halloween)

Hallows Eve Night Tulsi Nutmeg Green Tea (Halloween)

Sweeny Todd Apple Pie Black Tea (Halloween Burton Exclusive)

Deadly Nightshade Valerian Chamomile Herbal (Halloween Burton Exclusive)

Comfort & Care Frosted Cookie Black Tea (COVID Fundraiser)

Reading at Home Pina Colada Green Tea (COVID Fundraiser)

New Moon Fog Red Raspberry Leaf Earl Grey (Steep by Night Halloween Collection)

Full Moon Elixir Chamomile Herbal (Steep by Night Halloween Collection)

Crescent Moon Brew Sangria Green Tea (Steep by Night Halloween Collection)

Nutcracker Chestnut Praline Kukicha GreenTea (Kukicha Tea)

Map Monday Chocomint Hibiscus (Bookstagram)

Autumn Reads Pupmkin Black Tea (Bookstagram)


Secret Societea Teas

No. 1 - No. 6 (Momento Mori, Folklore Leaves, Ink and Page Chai, Freya. Hamunaptra)


Teacrate Exclusive Teas

Deep Magic Red Velvet Black Tea *Narnia TinCollection Shimmer Tea*

Spare Oom Turkish Delights *Narnia TinCollection*

Tea with Mr. Tumnus Ginger Lemon Herbal *Narnia Tin Collection*

Fangorn Forest Treebeard Rooibos *Forrests of Middle Earth Autumn Box*

Old Forest Old Man Willow Chai *Forrests of Middle Earth Autumn Box*

Mirkwood Forest Caramel Pumpkin *Forrests of Middle Earth Autumn Box*

Lothlorien Mallorn Green Tea *Forrests of Middle Earth Autumn Box*

Peach beech Stone Black Tea *Forrests of Middle Earth Autumn Box*

Dame Rouge (Now “Red White and Royal Blue”) *Serpent & Dove Tin Collection*

Dame Blanche (Now “City of Brass”) *Serpent & Dove Tin Collection*

Cursed Scorpion Poison Sour Dark Cherry Rooibos *Pretty Deadly Autumn Box*

Momento Mori Vial Lavender Pumpkin Herbal *Pretty Deadly Autumn Box*

The Serpents Venom Caramel Popcorn Black Tea *Pretty Deadly Autumn Box*

Firethorn Berry Berry Pepper Earl Grey *Pretty Deadly Autumn Box*

Elfhame White Tea (Now Forbidden Forest) *Courtly Magic Summer Box*

Old Gods Poppy Herbal Tea *Courtly Magic Summer Box*

Summer Court Strawberry Ice Cream Tea *Courtly Magic Summer Box*

Snitches n Witches Earl GreyGreen Tea *Wizarding Women Spring Box*

Locomotor Mortis Banana Chocolate Tea *Wizarding Women Spring Box*



**Plus Wholesale and Custom Teas.

Tea Ingredients bought from Organic Wholesalers & Local Food & Health Stores. Kosher & Vegan Friendly. Natural, Eco-Friendly Packaging with minimal waste. Please see each tea for allergy lists.