Vampire Lore


Add a bag of Vamipre Lore to your Coffin Stand or Hunting Station. This vampire inspired tea was the winner of the votes and pays homage to classic vampires and vampire hunters. 

Made from Black Currant Capes, Bloody Hibiscus, Red Bitten Rose hips and Dying Roses. 


Tastes like Black Currant Hibiscus Black Tea


“I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul.." Dracula

* Ingredients may not actually come from literary universe.

Vampire Lore

  • Hibiscus, rose hips, safflower, black currant, rose petals, natural flavouring


    Brew at 98°C/ 208°F for 4 minutes. 1 tsp per cup. Low Caffeine.

    *NEW Oz have switched to Grams*

    X-Large 100g (9 - 16 teas)

    This tea is: LOW CAFFEINE


    Our Assam black tea comes straight from India, Assam. A type of black tea, Assam tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour. It is one of the most popular black teas for taste and health benefits. Our Ingredients and inclusions are natural, organic and vegan friendly as well as comes from realtors and local businesses that specialize in organic herbs, spices and natural extracts.