Inspired by Serpent & Dove  GOLD TEA


Enchanté little heathens - Have you wanted to taste Sticky Buns. Perfect for the Chasseurs and Belle Dames in your life. This tea is inspired by Théatre Soleil et Lune and Lou's favourite treat from Pans Patisserie -- Sticky Buns. It is also dusted in gold, just like Lou's magic and shows up in your steeped tea as a metallic brew. Tastes like vanilla cinamon chai.


“I was no one's sacrifice. Not then. Not now. Not ever” – Serpent & Dove


* Ingredients may not actually come from cinematic universe.

Soleil et Lune Tea

  • Pans Pattiserie Stick Buns: Assam Black Tea, Carrob, Vanilla Flavouring, Toffee Pieces, Cinnamon, Dried Apples and Calendula

    Brew at 98°C/ 208°F for 2 minutes. 1 tsp per cup.

    1oz contains enough for 3 -5 cups, 2oz contains enough for 6 - 10 cups. Black Tea has High Caffeine and traces of Milk in Toffee and Chocolate.

    Our Ingredients and inclusions are natural, organic and vegan friendly as well as comes from realtors and local businesses that specialize in organic herbs, spices and natural extracts.

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Our tea pouches are eco-friendly, BPA Free, recyclable, reuseable and oh so light weight! Besides the aesthetics, there is LESS WASTE, LESS SPACE & LESS PLASTIC - YAY! #gogreen

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