New Moon Fog

STEEP BY NIGHT Witchy Collection Inspired by the New Moon, Rest and Restoration. 

It is perfect for menstruation and cramping, as well as 3rd trimester pregnancy (please do not drink in 2nd or 1st due to Red Raspberry Leaves)


It is an Earl Grey Rooibos, perfect for those who love the taste but can't have the caffeine!

All blessed and brewed beneath a New Moon.


“The New Moon is the pefect time to manifest what you wish to have in your life, to new beginings, projects and desires. ”
― Herb and Lore Almanac


* Ingredients may not actually come from literary universe.

New Moon Fog

  • A caffeine-free blend of Rooibos, Bergamont Oil and Red  Raspberry Leaf

    Brew at 98°C/ 208°F for 4.5 minutes. 1 tsp per cup.

    *NEW Oz have switched to Grams*

    Small 15g (2-4 teas)

    Regular 50g (5 - 8 teas)

    X-Large 100g (9 - 16 teas)

    This tea is: NO CAFFEINE