Lady Whistledown

Inspired by Bridgerton and Period-Dramas


 Dear Tea-Drinkers and Readers,


I ask you, is this tea not absolute perfection for those of antiquated value and distinguished taste? Tea with Lady Whistledown, is for educated individuals with a taste for bergamot in a light flavour of green. It is also for those of you who wonder often if the price we pay is ever worth the tea we buy - alas, it absolutely is!


For while those who have been successful in the year’s cluster-yuck, the rest of us have been eagerly anticipating this years debutante on the tea market. As it looks forward to flaunting the perfect, joyous unions between its flavours and leaves alike. 

As they know indeed just what the evening signifies…that it is time to read and a time for tea.


There is no ending in sight for this tea, which has recently became aware of a scheme to be bought in a swift stampede of earl-loving ladies and gentlemen who look good in green, thus making it sold out -- our one worthy opponent indeed.

But as we know, the brighter a tea shines, the faster it will sell. Blessed are those who may grab it. - Lady Whistling-Teapot. 

Tastes like Earl Grey Green Tea.




* Ingredients may not actually come from literary universe.

Lady Whistledown

  • Green Tea, Bergamont and Cornflower.

    Brew at 98°C/ 208°F for 2 minutes. 1 tsp per cup.

    *NEW Oz have switched to Grams*

    Small 15g (2-4 teas)

    Regular 50g (5 - 8 teas)

    X-Large 100g (9 - 16 teas)

    This tea is: High Caffeine