Bookish Teas designed with your favourite fandoms in mind.

Booksnleaf is a bookish loose leaf tea business based on the YA fantasy genre of books, as well as geek & bookish fandoms. All our tea leaves are vegan friendly, naturally sweetened and organically grown with a wonderful assortment of natural inclusions and herbs. Sourced and based out of Canada, BC. 

Booksnleaf hopes to give you a the opportunity to dive into the bookish universes you love with our themed whimsical blends & fun flavours. We want to make you feel like you can be a part of your favourite books...or at least transported there through scent & taste.

Designed with your favourite fandoms in mind, we promise to offer great tea service for your literary and fandom needs!

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Hello Bookworms & Tea-Lovers!

My name is April Martin and I am the managing director and business owner of the bookish tea business Booksnleaf.  Im also the illustrator and graphic design artist over at PageAndBotanyArtCo.

I started this business when my first baby was 4months old, hoping to create unique blends designed with all our favourite fandoms in mind..

I understand the joy of wanting to be a part of the bookish universes we've grown up around, and I love that I get to do that through means of creative tea blends, taste and scent.

Designing and blending teas is not only a fun skill I have learned to love, but a unique and creative outlet. My parents always encouraged me in my artistic endevours and after they began their fight with cancer, I began to preoccupy my time being more creative again. Even after my dad passed and raising both my littles, I still continued to look to my books and all the wonderful support bookstagram and tea-friends have brought.
Books helped me through so much, and so blending teas became such a satisfying pass-time of mine and before I knew it, I was drawn into the tea world and turning my passion into a small business. Just like the books I would escape into, these teas brought me comfort and something incredibly wonderful to create.

Thank you so much for supporting a small business and please, contact me if you have any questions or inquiries.