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We have over 90 + different tea flavours and fandom styles. Read up about our tea bases or learn about different flavour combos we've come up with.


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Our stylized tea crates have a selection of teas, bookish goodies all in fandom style and aesthetic. We curate these every season.



Restocks happen on a month to month basis. Various whimsical and fandom selected teas, merch and crates for sale. 

Logo Template with Hand, Floral Wreath,

Saints & Shadows

Available Feb 15th at 10am PST

Be prepared, Grishas! This next box is Inspired by the Shadow & Bone trilogy, Six of Crows & King of Scars series in anticipation of the Rule of Wolves release. Bardugo is one of our favourite authors so we’re SUPER excited to make this.


Have you always wanted to Enjoy some Jurda & tea with Kaz & the dregs? Visit with the Darkling in the little palace? High Tea in the snow with Saints or Nikolai?


Let your shadowed hearts and small magic be at peace!

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Tea of the Month

Soleil et Lune | Pans Patisserie Sticky Buns Black Tea

Calling all dames rouges et blanches -- this shimmery gold tea is a new shop favourite and absolutely delicious with its notes of cinnamon, vanilla & cardamum.

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Love the labels? Want sticker sheets or pins? New Botanical, tea and bookish art and merch coming soon to our art shop PageandBotanyArtCo

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