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We have over 60 + different tea flavours and fandom styles. Keep an eye out for our restock, which we do once a month.

Our Tea Crates

Our stylized tea crates have a selection of teas, bookish goodies all in fandom style and aesthetic. We curate these every season.


we love working with other businesses! Check out some teas we've done for other boxes and stores.

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    Green Teas

    Chung Ming

    Our Chung Ming Green tea is a popular blend for those who are conscious of their health and low caffeine.

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    Our Honeybush is the right type of malty and sweet, perfect with milk and honey. It had no caffeine and perfect for annytime of the day!

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    Black Teas


    Our Assam Black Teas are fully flavoured and perfect for a warm cuppa in the rain or a wakeup, with high caffeine.

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    Local and Organic Ingredients

    Our Herbal teas have zero caffeine but are full of colour and taste. If you have a sensitive stomach or need a pick me up, this is it.

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We have two new Teas coming into shop for the winter season... Nutcracker and Morozko. They will be seasonal teas and only available during the winter season 2020 - 2021.

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Pre-order our gold 4oz Winter tin collection. Included is 3 tins, a bookmark or sticker and a themed bookish item! Great as a christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

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Our tea pouches are eco-friendly, BPA Free, recyclable, reuseable and oh so light weight! Besides the aesthetics, there is LESS WASTE, LESS SPACE & LESS PLASTIC - YAY! #gogreen

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